About Us

I have been in the eyewear business for nearly 20 years, after a successful Wall Street career. My passion for eyewear stems from a mugging incident in 1987 which blinded my right eye, and launched me on a new life path which caused a major career change in 1999, to found an online eyewear retailing company. I have found over the years that fashion is a fickle master, but certain styles never go out of style. In eyewear, that means the round and almost-round shapes. Although the round shape is not for everyone, the almost-round shape is for everyone. These shapes offer the best overall vision for single vision, progressive, and sunglasses styles for a variety of reasons. But more importantly, the round and almost-round shapes are (in my opinion) the most physically appealing and complimentary to the largest number of faces.

I launched the Dolomiti Eyewear Collection by taking advantage of one of the world’s greatest natural resources – Italian eyewear craftsmanship – found in only one place, Northern Italy, in the Dolomite mountains. The combination of these forces has resulted in the evolving Dolomiti Eyewear collection, which is the continuing expression of timeless and divine values. When you wear a perfectly round frame, you have created the “Circumpunct”, one of the oldest symbols of divinity, and an enduring expression of our connection to the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

Mark Agnew