RC2/C Round Eyeglasses by Dolomiti

Round is the only eyeglasses shape that has persisted since eyeglasses were invented, because it bespeaks intelligence, creativity, and harmony.  Chosen by world leaders, artistic icons, and scholars, The RC2/C frame with cable temples we affectionately nickname “The Thinker”, because the style exemplifies thoughtfulness.  The roundness of the RC2/C model is iconic, and the cable temples will keep the frame securely on your head.  This simple design style, which is the oldest style in eyewear history, has helped the world’s most creative artists and thought leaders to find the simple, elegant path to creativity. The RC2/C features nosepads and cable temples.  The frame is available in a range of  eye sizes, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, and 48mm and all with a 23mm bridge and 165mm cable temple.



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